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Current Projects

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Orchards Project - Phase Two
Education and Community

Following the planting and development of our orchard in spring 2014, school children and community groups had the chance to visit the orchard to find out about apples and to take part in art workshops.


Pupils from five schools from the ages of 4 to 16 took part in activities on visits during the autumn term 2014. They worked with an artist to create a giant pear sculpture from willow and to make smaller willow pieces which were joined together to create plant-like structures. On a second visit the pupils looked at autumn seeds and carried out some apple tasting to decide which varieties they enjoyed most.


A group of secondary pupils developed ideas for an interpretation panel which could be placed in the orchard to help visitors learn more about its history and restoration.


Community groups supporting families in Merstham also took part in the project by visiting the park for activities during the October half term.


This Project was support by Shanly Foundation, Councillor Kelly's allocation of the Councillors Community Award , The Netherby Trust, Councillor Gardener's allocation of the Councillors Community Award, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Councillor Newstead allocation of the Councillors Community Award, Kimberly-Clark, The Wates Family Enterprise Trust.

The Walled Gardens & Orchard

Wild Things Play Trail (Kids Need Mud Project)

A new exciting play trail has been created around the Pleasure Gardens area of the park. Constructed mainly from natural materials from around the park itself, the trail includes a log scramble, a musical tree, a fairy tree, a seesaw and various climbing structures. The aim is for children to engage with the environment in a different way:


"Scramble while you ramble, wonder while you wander, run wild and let your thoughts
run free"


All of the features were created by volunteers.


Click here to download the Wild Things Leaflet


The play trail was created by our dedicated Gatton Park volunteers, Richmond Fellowship, The Colebrook Centre Canon UK, Barclays Corporate, Employability, ESRA, Reigate & Banstead Volunteer service, Woodfield School and the Royal Alexandra and Albert School.


This project was supported by The Bellinger Donnay Charitable Trust, Councillor Grant-Duff's Allocation of the Councillors Community Awards and Councillor Newstead's Allocation of the Councillors Community Award

The Parterre

Orchard Planting

During 2013 an area of Gatton Park (recently used as a sand school for horse riding) was transformed into an orchard and outdoor education and learning space. In years past this area was part of an extensive kitchen garden and orchard area. We created a new orchard using old Surrey apple varieties and those which were known to have been grown at Gatton in the past. The orchard has a contemporary feel by the incorporation of fruit trees trained to a variety of different shapes to add interest for our visitors and develop the educational use of the park. The planting was carried out by local community groups working with vulnerable adults.


In the autumn of 2014 a schools project will focus on the orchard and apples, linked to the topic of harvest. The pupils from 5 local schools will also be working with an artist to create fruit sculptures which will be placed in the orchard. A local secondary school will be involved in designing an interpretation panel for the orchard. During half term we will have two local groups supporting young people and families in the area, who will also have a chance to visits for activities.


This project is supported by Community Foundation for Surrey's Orchid Environmental Trust Fund, The Shanly Foundation, The Netherby Trust, Councillor Newstead's Allocation of the Councillors Community Award, Councillor Kelly's Allocation of the Councillors Community Award, Councillor Gardener's Allocation of the Councillors Community Award, Kimberley Clark, Sutton and East Surrey Water and Wates Family Enterprise Trust

London Schools 2013

This project aims to work with ten inner city primary schools bringing 300-350 school children on educational visits to Gatton to experience learning outside the classroom in the beautiful surroundings and open countryside offered by Gatton Park, and to take ideas back to their home schools to develop further.


Teachers will be able to choose one subject from our well established and very popular environmental curriculum enrichment programme. The project will be aimed at those primary schools where children are considered most disadvantaged and who are most 'in need'. The year groups and therefore age of the children will be determined by each school as the classes they think will most benefit.


The project will target schools from the southern Inner London Boroughs; Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.


This project is supported by Mark Loveday Charitable Trust, Four Winds Trust, CLA Charitable Trust, The Goldsmiths' Company.

Pulhamite Pond Restoration 2012/13

Work on this project has started this winter, to coincide with the centenary of its original completion and will be finished in the spring of 2013. Its principal aim is to restore this wonderful example of James Pulham's work back to its former glory and make it more accessible for visitors.


The pulhamite pond is the centrepiece of the imposing Edwardian rock garden that James Pulham created for Sir Jeremiah Colman in 1912. This garden was the first part of the estate that the volunteers began to restore in 1996 and this work will finish off the restoration of this much loved area.


Our aims are, firstly, to make the pulhamite structurally sound and stop any further deterioration, secondly, to line the pond with clay to make it water tight and re-lay the paths around the pond and finally, to plant up the pulhamite bog beds. This work will also create a magical space for education, theatre and recreation.


This project has been supported by The Pilgrim Trust, Surrey Historic Buildings Trust, Surrey Gardens Trust, the Sir Jeremiah Colman Gift Trust, Councillor Rodger Newstead

The Parterre

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