Comments from our Visitors

Teacher’s comments

“A day of well thought out activities delivered with enthusiasm and care. 
We thoroughly enjoyed our day and hope to be back next year.”

 “It was an absolutely wonderful day out. The children and adults had a brilliant time — one of our best days out ever.”

"This is the 5th year I have brought my class. It is always entirely appropriate, fun and a delightful day. The children gain a lot from this visit."

"Thank your for making our day on Friday so ‘magical’. The children were enthralled and enjoyed every minute of their day. Because you were so enthusiastic they were easily carried along with you.”

“Thank you very much for an enjoyable day. The children in my class had a great deal of fun hunting minibeasts and learning about the environment!”


Children’s comments

"We had the best day ever and really want to come back!”

“It was great ! My friends and I really enjoyed it”

“It was the best trip we have done at school»

“I learnt a lot about minibeasts and the food chain.”

“I learnt LOADS yesterday. I especially learnt that there are loads of different types of little minibeasts in trees and bushes!! Thank you again!”