Birthday Parties for Children

Specially designed parties for lots of birthday fun for up to fifteen children.


What is involved?


  • Specially designed invitations for you to send to your guests
  • Activities led by Gatton Park Education staff for 15 children (for four year olds or younger we recommend 1 hour of activities, for five years plus 1 ¾ hours)
  • Use of the classroom for your birthday tea (up to ¾ hour)

Fairies and Wizards


Discover a magic world of fairies and wizards hidden in the gardens.Create your very own fairy tiara or wizard hat before going out to make magical potions to help you search amongst the flowers, bushes and dark woods. Collect natural items to make magical gardens.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic:


Bring your own Teddy along to meet ours hiding in the woods and to play some teddy bear games. Make teddy bear gardens using natural materials and a teddy bear headband to take home.

Bugs, Beetles and Butterflies:


Make your own bug dial before heading off to the deep woodlands for a fun bug hunt.Make your own craft bug to take home.

Pirate challenge:


Heave ho, me hearties! Create your very own pirate hat before going out to search for pirates and to take part in fun team games. Make pirate islands using natural materials.

Hidden Depths:


Make your own dragonfly before going down to Gatton’s ponds to discover what lives beneath the surface.

Arty Party — Enchanted Woodland:


Collect natural materials in the park to use in your art creations. Enjoy using different skills to create your very own 3D magic woodland model to take home.

Dinosaur Party:


Listen to a dinosaur story and make your very own paper plate dinosaur before going on an exciting search for signs of dinosaurs in the park. Make a dinosaur habitat and a dinosaur headband to take home.

Muddy Party:


Enjoy a walk in the woods and get muddy! Make tree spirits from mud to leave in the woods and your own clay animal to take home.

Gruffalo Party:


Start your birthday adventure by listening to a Gruffalo story before taking your finger puppet mouse on an exciting walk through the deep,dark woods. Play a fun game to find the different parts of the Gruffalo and then make some group Gruffalo Crumbles. Make a Gruffalo mask to take home

Prices & Information


Four adults need to attend to help the children with their activities (but more are welcome).


The classroom can be used for up to ¾ hour for your birthday meal, after the party the price is £175 for up to 15 children.





Parties can take place on Saturday or Sundays or in the school holidays.





Please telephone our Education Manager to arrange the details of your party.


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If you would like to find out more please contact the Education Manager – [email protected]


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